What Is PLR?

PLR stands for Private Labels Rights, which means anyone purchasing these products has the right to reuse them. They can be used as is, they can be rewritten, and they can be made into podcasts or into videos. They can also be combined with other material to form eBooks or to form the bases for a course.

What Can You Find at PLR Smart Mart

We are producing quality articles, eBooks, reports, and blog posts. All of these items have been well researched and are original content.

What Can PLR Do for You?

You can do anything that you like with these PLR products except sell them as PLR yourself. They allow you to have instant content for you website, for your blog posts, and for email campaigns.

What Does PLR Cost?

The articles are sold in packs of five at $1.00 per article. They have a minimum word count of 500 but most of them are longer. There cannot be a cheaper way to buy content.

How Should You Use PLR?

The best way to use PLR is use them as a starting point and to rewrite them. You are not obligated to do this but it is a good idea. You can label all this material with you own name and add your links to it.